3 Tips for Holiday Travel this Thanksgiving

3 Tips for Holiday Travel this Thanksgiving


As we all know the fall season is here and now the holiday season is getting into full swing. And most of us have been finalizing our travel plans to travel across country to see some of our most favorite relatives…or not the most favorable, but traveling none the less. Here are a few ways to help ensure that your holiday travel is as seamless as possible this upcoming holiday season.

 1. Avoid Peak Travel Time

Whether you’re hitting the airport or the highway your biggest bet with avoiding holiday traffic is knowing and steering away from peak travel times. With thanksgiving coming up, the busiest travel day is always going to be the Wednesday before thanksgiving and the Sunday after. With that being said, planning ahead is going to be CRUCIAL. Try heading to your holiday travel vacation destination as earlier before the holiday as possible. In our case, if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, try making it to your destination by Tuesday and leaving heading back home as late as your schedule permits. If you’re able to head back home the Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving you have a better chance of avoiding the “back home” traffic.

2.  Leave Room for Error

Regardless of when you decide to start you travel endeavors leave enough time for there to be something that goes wrong. We know the roads are going to be more congested than normal, even with a few more accidents and the airport is going to be even busier than normal, so you’re going to need to account for that. In all your travel plans give yourself at least 2-3 hours extra/earlier that you would normally take to make room for any and every snag in your travel plans that may arise.


3. Plan Ahead

Planning is everything when it comes to holiday travel and this Thanksgiving will be no different. If you are traveling by car this holiday season make sure to take the time plan your routes ahead of time. Use mobile apps like Waze to help you avoid highly trafficked areas and toll routes. Also make sure to take time to plan out your gas station potential stops and know your rest stops areas afforded to you before hand. If you are traveling by air make sure to know your airports and the routes. Meaning if this is your first time traveling through a particular airport make sure you take the time to take a quick look at the airport's layout so you’re not scrambling the day of travel try to figure out where the gate you're supposed to report to is, airport restrooms etc.

It’s no surprise that traveling during the holidays is normally going to be hectic, but being prepared is going to be  the key to making it through your travel plans without losing your cool. Here are just some of the ways that we travel like a PRO during the holiday season.

As always, if you are hitting the road in your personal vehicle, don’t forget to make sure it is properly serviced in the best of shapes before traveling. And you can start with your trusted Crown Nissan Service team of Greensboro, NC here.


Happy Traveling! 

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