Nissan Partners with EVgo to Offer Free Charging for Leaf Vehicles in U.S.

The Nissan Leaf remains one of the most affordable options when it comes to electric cars. To make it even easier for customers to make the switch from fossil fuels to electric charging, Nissan have partnered with EVgo, an electric car charging station firm, to give new Leaf owners $250 worth of free charging. And the best part? There are absolutely no strings attached. If you purchased a Leaf or a Leaf Plus after November 1st, 2019, you already qualify for the amazing new Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo program.

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EVgo has the largest network of fast-charging stations in the United States, which includes “roaming” charging stations that are part of the company’s network. What do we mean by largest network? 750 locations and over 30,000 plugs. Prices do vary from charger, with EVgo charges generally around $1.50 an hour for level 2 charging and around 30¢ a minute for level 3 charging.  If you’re been considering a Leaf, you can choose between the base Leaf and its 150-mile range or the Leaf Plus, whose bigger battery promises up to 226 miles of range. The Leaf can charge at 50kW while the Leaf Plus can charge at up to 100kW. Since the Leaf can reach about an 80% charge in less than an hour, the $250 charging credit will be good for anywhere between 10 to 16 DC charges.

Nissanis a longtime leader in electric vehicles and this new partnership with EVgowill give Nissan Leaf owners confidence powered by tens of thousands ofchargers across America,” said Aditya Jairaj, director of EV sales and marketing for Nissan North America. “Convenient access to public chargers can be incredibly helpful for Leaf owners in their day-to-day lives.” Since the Leaf was introduced, it has sold more than 430,000 units over the past nine years, making it the bestselling EV in the world. With this new partnership, Nissan will make it easier than ever for drivers to switch to an electric vehicle.

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