October is Fall Car Care Month, and with the month at an end, it’s time to prepare your vehicle for cold weather and winter driving. It’s important to check on your vehicle’s overall maintenance before you start hearing reports of icy temperatures ahead. The last thing you want to discover on your early morning commute is that your heat isn’t working when it’s below 32°F outside.

It’s always important to pay attention to your car’s overall maintenance, but here are a few things you should check before you pack the family in your Nissan to visit family this holiday season:

  • Tire tread – Tire maintenance is one of the easiest ways to augment your car’s safety and performance. You should already be checking your tire tread regularly. Once your tread reaches 4/32 inch, you should need to monitor it more frequently, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. If it’s less than 2/32 inch, you need to replace your tires now.
  • Tire pressure – Proper tire pressure increases your tire stability, which is essential to provide your vehicle will the handling, traction, and durability your vehicle needs in the winter months. It is critical to check tire inflation when the temperature drops. Make sure your car has been sitting for at least 3 hours when you do!
  • Brakes – It’s always important that your braking system is working properly, and it’s even more critical during the colder months when weather like ice and freezing rain reduce your vehicle’s traction.
  • Oil/Fluids – When was the last time you had your oil changed? What about your brake fluid? And your antifreeze/coolant? Fluids are your car’s lifeblood. Clean fluids ensure your vehicle works properly, and maintaining proper fluid levels increases your car’s performance and safety.


By checking each of these items off your October checklist, you can keep your car running right, which helps keep those repairs costs down. If you’re not sure how to check these things yourself, come visit our service team. We’ll make sure you don’t get left out in the cold!  

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