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Commonly Asked Credit Questions

I currently have a trade-in, but it's worth less than I owe on it. Can I still get approved for a car loan?

Yes! We see this situation more often than you think and with our large selection of inventory and team of credit experts, we can get you a reliable vehicle with a lower payment.

Do I have to trade in a car or put cash down in order to be approved?

No, you do not have to produce a down payment or trade in a vehicle here at Crown Nissan in Greensboro to obtain a car loan. We can help!

I just moved to the area and haven't had my job for long. Can you help?

Yes! Often, lenders like to see at least two years of continuous employment and residence history, but our various lender relationships can give you opportunities to get around this.

I'm self-employed, can I still get financed for a car?

Yes! We have lenders that will help you get financed by simply verifying your income with your tax returns from the last two years.

I want to buy an SUV, truck or van, are these all options for me?

Yes! At Crown Nissan, selection is never an issue. We have a large inventory to help find the perfect vehicle for you and all of our used vehicles go through a thorough inspection and are then reconditioned.


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